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Panagudi stories 6

6 Along the main road turning to Panagudi the Police Station lay juxtaposed in between the Ramalinga Swamy Temple and Theppakulam. On the right of Temple runs a small "Tar Road", a nondescript sign board moans the road to "Seran Maha Devi" . This road is always a quiet, contemplative road, for less people tread on them, and rare buses go through them. It is the road of last journey for all of Panagudians. Yes, this road first leads to Panagudi Sudu Kaadu - or Idu Kaadu (Sudu- cremate Idu- Bury -as the case may be). Today it was raining heavily. I like rain, even if it is causing pain, obstructing movements, dashing schedules, making your house stink with damp clothes, or an autoriksha splashes dirty mud on your uniform, i like rain. Like Jeyakandan said, Love cleanses all mistakes. I love rain, so its mistakes are not noticeable. I ask myself, can you like it if it comes as a Flood, where thousands flushed away?, villages sink, carcasses float, politicians fly over,


PANAGUDI STORIES 1 ----- Original Message ----- From: K.A.NAYAGAM To: pasug Sent: Monday, January 14, 2002 10:30 AM Subject: Re: Pongal - a Trailer! Hai Paupathi, How are you,and lakshmi?Wish you all a happy pongal.I really enjoyed your pongal trailer very much.It brought me the golden memories which we will not get again.You have described the scenes as if we can feel it now.Let your trailer continues.convey my regards to lakshmi.Bye. A.S.Devi. ----- Original Message ----- From: pasug To: uma mani ; palaniyahoo ; meenakshi sundaram ; avoodaiyahoo ; adiyahoo ; selvi Cc: thangaraj Sent: Sunday, January 13, 2002 8:04 PM Subject: Pongal - a Trailer! Hai Folks, Pongal - how you celebrated this? or going to celebrate this? i don't know.. But hear me how I enjoyed this festival then, How I have forgotten the word celebration now.. Childhood they say is really a pokkisham which no one can forget or re-get.. We at Kumarappan household,Tuticorin used to go to Panagudi during every festival.

Panagudi stories 1

Hi all, Long time no see? No problem, the writer in me never sleeps, then as the festive season nears, one gets too much reminiscing. Yes, for me and my panagudi folks, pongal means reminiscing panagudi. I told you guys, as for R K Laxman a Malgudi Days, for this poor Pasupathi a Panagudi. So there was, our hero, in all his youthful energy skimmed from eating lot of dry fruits which he has pocketed from his father's famous grocery shop, redied to ran away to Military as there was never a ceasefire between him and his very strict, beleaguered father. Relationship between K and his father never been good, since K is too hot potato for A to handle. He purchased an Imported Ralleigh Cycle for his Kanakku Pillai (actually a Konar) who promptly cheated him and ruined his later life. K had no cycle to go to school, which is located far away from panagudi. It is called vadakkan kulam. The school is filled with British teachers. So K has got an exemplary Primary education in all the subject


KALKA-SHIMLA-KUFRI-TOUR Tuesday, January 29, 2002 8:30 AM 26-27-28 January 2002 So Folks, We are just returned from KALKA-SHIMLA -KUFRI trail. Happily tired. On Thursday, there was a heavy discussion at my section, whether to give OFF to Pasupathi or not. Finally it is okayed. So i got Friday,Sat,Sun three days to swindle. On 27th is our 3rd Anniversary. We decided to see it on SHIMLA. God helped us, all the way. Friday morning 8.30 Kalka - Shimla Passenger we have to catch. 3.30 L. got up. Made Hot Idlis. Thursday night we both already prepared Puris. 5.30 am I got up. By 6.30 we both were sitting on Honda, cutting through the thick fogs on the Plain Black Ribbon road to KALKA. 7.30 am we reached Kalka. Parked the bike at Station Masters' House, as there is no parking facility there. Kalka is on the foothills of Shivalik Mountains. From there a metre gauge train puffs off (Diesel Engine) to Shimla. Rs17 only on Passenger. Rs34 on Express. Miserably, both takes the same time (6 hrs

Tour of Kullu-Manali-Naggar-April2004

Monday, May 10, 2004 Tour of Kullu-Manali-Naggar-April2004 Ho guys, we can be aptly called nomads, as we found that back packing is a truly fantastic mind fresher. This time our orbit is around the himalayas, that is Kullu, Manali, Naggar trail. Caught bus to manali from Chandigarh Sector 17 Bus stand. This bus stand is traveller-friendly, so leaving the bike and helmet at the bike stand is a quiet safe and economical parking idea. The 8.30 pm delux bus with truly 70 degree angle seats gave us good sleep till we got up at the rush of cold winds biting our cheeks, the permeating sound of meandering beas river bending, churning, splashing around the innumerable egg shaped stones, which are covered with a white scale due to the iciness of the river. It was early morning 6.30 am. Suddenly I remembered Jawaharlal Nehru's "Glimpses of World History", which my father told me to read when I was a child, in which Nehru talks of this Himalayan River, this egg shaped pebbles and roc


Tuesday, July 03, 2007 Diana….Diana…. Diana…Diana… my Lovely Dove Eyed Diana! on your 46th Birthday, where your Sons celebrate it online & offline Here's my simple blog, to remind it to my Brain Sir.John Elton couldn't capture your song well [Lyrics of "Candle in the Wind" ] Our Tamil Film Poets did better John Elton definitely couldn't write well on you For he is not a Straight - a Gay & married to another Man – How can he realise the Greatness of a Woman? Greatness of a Woman can only be understood by Men who are Womanisers or Well, Pardon me, if I say it politically correct : Skirt Chasers You are not a simple English Rose, You are a universal flower, a Ms. Diana not a Miss or Mrs You were the reason behind the term "Paparazzi" You were once touted as the World's most photographed women You made the world realise that a Princess's Bed is not full of Roses You fought for personal

Moscow Tour Part –V

Thursday, May 17, 2007 Moscow Tour Part –V OK OK people I may be boring you all with intrepid details. But I have to write all this.. A Record… Audio, Still, Video and now in Text… of my life…of my experiences.. May be of use? Kutuzovksya Ulitsa – in memory of Russian General Kutuzov who fought with Napolean Bonaparte – his psyche is portrayed by Tolstoy in War & Peace Metro Tverskaya & Tverskaya Ulitsa near the Kremlin where the Mayor of Moscow Mr. Yury Luzkov lives - I saw his sprawling home in evening walk to Kremlin… What I wanted to see but missed in Moscow? Park of the Statues This park shown in the James Bond movie "Golden Eye" I wanted to see it. It is also walk able distance from Radisson, but due to time problem missed. Then the Novo Deviche Monastry, again walk able distance… [I mean walk able here for at least 3 to 7 kms] I am a good walker… from my home at 3rd mile to Caldwell school I walked many times [7 kms]. Walking improves thinking, imagining. Many

Moscow Tour Part-4

Moscow Tour Part-4 LEO TOLSTOY in KHAMOVNIKI "Life in Moscow has been a precious experience. It made my mission clear to me" – these are the words of L.T in March 1882. In March 2007, I felt the same… Just now I have completed LEO TOLSTOY in KHAMOVNIKI a small book I bought for 20 Roubles [40 Rs.] at Tolstoy's Moscow Home-Museum. The entry fee to this Museum is: 200 Roubles for Foreigners 60 Roubles for Russians 30 Roubles for Children The old lady clerk asked me and my colleague, Sergeant Behera [Orissa] 400 roubles. I bargained with this Old Lady Clerk. She didn't agree. So I made an about turn – just as I would do in Karol Bagh, Sadar bazaar… The lady called us again – she told OK, pay 60 roubles per head, see your beloved Author's home… I thanked God and giggled. Leo Tolstoy lived here for 19 winters from 1882 to 1901 [In summers he went to his Yasnaya Polyana estate village – 5 hrs rail road from Moscow] In 1901 he escaped from his family [he fought with his

Moscow Tour Part-2 and 3

Moscow Tour Part-2 Every day we have to go at 8 am and come back at 8 pm from Moscow to Zhukovsky Once upon a time, during Soviet times, this Rameskoye – Zhukovsky airfield was a TOP SECRET airfield 4 km long – worlds largest airfield – Flight Research Institute… Now a days the secrecy is reduced…. Google Earth, internet… All along the 52 km stretch of road, u feel the bumpy unruly ride… Roads are not that smooth… All roads lead to Moscow.. from far away villages.. towns… So many ways to reach Moscow… we saw 3 to 4 of them… Along the way there is a Gagarina township – named after Worlds first Cosmonaut – Yuri Gagarin – whose mortal remains are kept inside the walls of Kremlin… The apartments are quiet clean and big… With the ubiquitous Hot Water [Steam] Heat Radiators… I never saw anyone leaking … They are all made of good metals.. Russians are good in metallurgy… Russian Toilets are as nasty as Indians… At BOAR HOUSE – Kurskaya Metro [it's a WHORE HOUSE literally] we found to our

Moscow – Cairo – Muscat Tour [March 28 to April 28]

Moscow – Cairo – Muscat Tour [March 28 to April 28] On 15 Jan 2007, Pongal Day, MWO Tanti knocked my door. He had a good news. We both are in the Advance Party to Russia Trip. Thanks Pongal - God. 2006 Pongal I got this house. This pongal this. [Eppadimma namma englishu?] On 19 March, I went to Reliance Infocomm, cut off my post paid temporarily. From 20 March to 28 March, was in New Delhi… doing the special tour works… 28 March 2007 morning we got the GoI letter – which is the authority for everything… from flight ticket [free warrant] to our pay to passport. We got our official passports. In white color. Civilians have blue. No visa required for officials in Russia & Muscat. Egypt visa we got for 3 days. Reached airport on 28 March early morning 01:30 am. Custom check, immigration done… Aeroflot SU-530 flight. Boeing 767 business class with full reclining seats.. gourmet meals… whiskey, juices, ice creams bouncy all white Russian beauties as hostesses… Started to video tape from

25 + 1 days Annual Leave to VK Puram, Madurai, Panagudi

25 + 1 days Annual Leave to VK Puram, Madurai, Panagudi Tuesday, September 02, 2008 To see Soorya Velaa. World is on the Boil. World War 3 may be looming large. Russia sown the seeds at Ossetia against Georgia Courtesy USA and their world vision At Jammu and Kashmir the stupid Muslims are at it again. They are never peaceful. They can never be. How the daily meat eating population can remain at peace with others? Kidnap, Hostage, Killing, Viloenc, Bomb Blasts... They should not be given with the Land Lets fight and take over more Muslim Lands like the Israelis or the US people. While I am saying this I am also feeling that True Hindu spirit is not this. Not fighting, but healing. Read a Wonderful Article on Dara Shecko, son of Shah Jehan and Elder Brother to Aurangaseb on The Hindu, 30 Aug 08. This Dara Shecko was very Sholarly and close to Shah Jehan. Born to Shah Jehan and Mumtaz Mahal, on whom the Taj Mahal was built. Emperor Shah Jehan wanted Dara to rule the Mughal Dynasty. Dara w