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Want individual phone status "Appear offline to this Contact only" settings on WhatsApp and all other messenger services

My girl friend is mostly cheating me. She roams with other boy friends. Those times she doesn't want me to know her online status  Presently this is not possible. If she is online on her sim WhatsApp says it. I want WhatsApp or any messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or yahoo messenger or signal messenger or any other messenger apps must bring "Appear offline to this Contact only" Option.  I don't know how they can do it by software.  But the messenger companies must be able to provide this option on their messenger software app.  This will help cheating by husband or wife or employee or student or children to cheat their husband or wife or boss or teacher as the case may be.  This innovative option to hide our activities online provides freedom of existence online without hindrance from wife or girl friend or anyone per se.  I hope Google Facebook WhatsApp will do this soon.  Thanking you Yours sincerely K Pasupathi