25 + 1 days Annual Leave to VK Puram, Madurai, Panagudi

25 + 1 days Annual Leave to VK Puram, Madurai, Panagudi

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

To see Soorya Velaa.

World is on the Boil.

World War 3 may be looming large.

Russia sown the seeds at Ossetia against Georgia

Courtesy USA and their world vision

At Jammu and Kashmir the stupid Muslims are at it again.

They are never peaceful. They can never be.

How the daily meat eating population can remain at peace with others?

Kidnap, Hostage, Killing, Viloenc, Bomb Blasts...

They should not be given with the Land

Lets fight and take over more Muslim Lands like the Israelis or the US people.

While I am saying this I am also feeling that True Hindu spirit is not this.

Not fighting, but healing.

Read a Wonderful Article on Dara Shecko, son of Shah Jehan and Elder Brother to Aurangaseb on The Hindu, 30 Aug 08.

This Dara Shecko was very Sholarly and close to Shah Jehan. Born to Shah Jehan and Mumtaz Mahal, on whom the Taj Mahal was built.

Emperor Shah Jehan wanted Dara to rule the Mughal Dynasty.

Dara was well educated and he Translated most of Hindu Books like Upanishads into Persian.

He concluded that whatever "Hidden Book" mentioned in The Quran is "The Upanishads" of Hinduism.

So he was like Emperor Akbar, he wanted to unite or build bridges among the Hindus and Moslems.

Alas, lke Akbar, Din Ilahi he could not succeed in this as God willed otherwise so that the Thiru Vilayadal of Lord Shiva can continue.

See, the same Lord Shiva brought and sent the Buddism, Jainism in India.

For Shiva I think it is a Thiru Vilayadal - Holy Play - so that his devotees can be tested and the Eternal Truth of Saivism can be brought out.

Also along the way many religions loose their purpose and get self afflicted.

So, continuing what i come to say is,

this Mughal Translated works of Upanishads are read by the English Occupiers during the British Rule of India.

So from Persian the Upanishads were translated to English.

Now the English and the Europeans understood the Greatness of Upanishads, the maha vakaya and Hinduism.

Now many Space scitentists agree that whatever told in Upansishads are being discovered by Scientific Community in Paticle Physics and Space science.

Its nice to be in India.

Thanks The Hindu for enlightening us!

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