Moscow Tour Part-4

Moscow Tour Part-4


"Life in Moscow has been a precious experience.
It made my mission clear to me" – these are the words of L.T in March 1882.
In March 2007, I felt the same…

Just now I have completed LEO TOLSTOY in KHAMOVNIKI a small book I bought for 20 Roubles [40 Rs.] at Tolstoy's Moscow Home-Museum.
The entry fee to this Museum is:
200 Roubles for Foreigners
60 Roubles for Russians
30 Roubles for Children
The old lady clerk asked me and my colleague, Sergeant Behera [Orissa] 400 roubles.
I bargained with this Old Lady Clerk.
She didn't agree.
So I made an about turn – just as I would do in Karol Bagh, Sadar bazaar…
The lady called us again – she told OK, pay 60 roubles per head, see your beloved Author's home…
I thanked God and giggled.
Leo Tolstoy lived here for 19 winters from 1882 to 1901 [In summers he went to
his Yasnaya Polyana estate village – 5 hrs rail road from Moscow]
In 1901 he escaped from his family [he fought with his wife on spiritual-ethical matters]
1909 he returned for a last time to this house, before returning Y.P via
Kurskaya Metro – that also I saw…
So I am proud to see the Entry and Exit point of this Master in Moscow…
1910 he died.
1911 this home was sold by his wife, 1919 it was donated to Tolstoy society
1921 Soviet Govt nationalized it & made it a Museum
Such a Historical Place!
In this Home, called Khamovniki, Tolstoy wrote
Resurrection, The Death of Ivan Ilyich, The Kingdom of God is Within Us…
And many more…[I read all the 3 above]

Some quotes, notes from the Book…
"There are many things to know in this World. But how to live is the only thing that really matters"
"The only thing to salvation is to live for others"
He turned Vegetarian, gave smoking, turned teetotaller in KHAMOVNIKI and compelled his children to be one.
"To serve my neighbour? I want to teach them how to lead a Good life"
Tolstoy had 13 children through his wife Sophia, 16 years younger to him.
5 of them died young. Rest survived him.
Some remarkable children of him are Tatyana – the painter
Maria – Leo's daughter & friend - died early
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