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Ponniyin Selvan = Subdued Selvan. Subdued Cash Collections. Subdued Box Office. Not Grandiose.

Ponniyin Selvan = Subdued Selvan.  Subdued Cash Collections.  Subdued Box Office.  Not Grandiose.  Advice to Producer Lyca Subashkaran =  Make Payment to Rajamouli instead of ManiRatnam to Show (imagined) Grandeur of Chozha Dynasty.  Went to see Ponniyin Selvan at Galaxy Theater Katpady Vellore.  Rs130/- ticket.  Near Vellore Institute of Technology VIT there is INOX. They ask Rs190 for same movie.  INOX Mall didn't have Ponniyin Selvan poster.  I asked them, they said they can't keep the wall poster of Ponniyin Selvan.  Something fishy.  So i moved to Galaxy Theater.  Dolby Atmos.  Cube Sound.  Somewhat ok.  Not the best like PVR Cinemas Katpadi Silkmill Vellore.  ManiRatnam wanted to show Authentic 800AD to 1100AD. Movie Making, Movie Watching doesn't believe in Authentic Picturisation.  Movie Goers love Grandiosity.  Grandeur.  If ManiRatnam believes Authentic Movie can win Audience, why he went to Rajasthan to show Aryan Forts, Citadels? to tell subdued Dravidian Tamil