Tuesday, July 03, 2007
Diana…Diana… my Lovely Dove Eyed Diana!
on your 46th Birthday, where your Sons celebrate it online & offline
Here's my simple blog, to remind it to my Brain
Sir.John Elton couldn't capture your song well
Our Tamil Film Poets did better

John Elton definitely couldn't write well on you
For he is not a Straight - a Gay & married to another Man
– How can he realise the Greatness of a Woman?

Greatness of a Woman can only be understood by Men who are Womanisers
or Well, Pardon me, if I say it politically correct : Skirt Chasers

You are not a simple English Rose,
You are a universal flower, a Ms. Diana not a Miss or Mrs
You were the reason behind the term "Paparazzi"
You were once touted as the World's most photographed women
You made the world realise that a Princess's Bed is not full of Roses

You fought for personal Freedom which forms base for any human
You are against the Imperial vestiges, but fell into another, that is of Fashion
Your love for Al Dodi, the Muslim Tycoon
Your flirts with the horseman Sqn Ldr were projected in the media hugely
Than that of your male companion, Mr. Charles's [forgive me, your Highness]

How would it be, if you married to Dodi?
May be it ended like the Imran Khan – Jemima affair?
May be it ended like the Shrek? [sorry, here I don't mean Dodi as poor]
But, our Mahatma Gandhi would have welcomed it as a Christian-Muslim unity
And the War of Civilisations may be postponed
And the Bush's "Crusade" may be avoided
And the Taj Mahal, India might have posed with You & Dodi
Brighter than your previous photo

Any crown has got thorns… & the Royal Crown has got Royal Thorns…
You couldn't wear it silently…
As it's worn by some Victoria's or some Elizabeth's
That made the difference, and it is not OK for your controllers

I salute for your struggle for Personal Freedom Diana,
Rather than any other thing Like your outer beauty etc..
Because, they are wombs to many revolutions
Many histories…
I admire your courage for Divorce in a country where Royal Divorce is a shame
Whereas Plebeian Divorce is Order of the Day
I admire your decision to marry Dodi
I love your audacious fashion freaks as a celebrity

Anyhow, the Royals punished you silently as they did for many long years…
There you attained your Martyrdom Ms.Diana, it's the peak in your Life
One who stood for their Principles die tragically
Our Mahatma Gandhi, J.F. Kennedy, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Sanjay Gandhi…
It's sad that all have a D for Death written in them

So, again I say unto you my Dear Ms.Diana
You died for a cause:
The cause of Female Freedom
The cause of Female Sensuality
The cause of Silent Royal Women
The cause of Royal Boredom & Plebeian Freedom
Other than this I couldn't see anything Great in you as an Indian [misinformed, may be]

Because, whatever Charities you stood for,
Many did/doing more than you without much ado [e.g Teresa, Bill & Melinda Gates]

So the fight for your personal space in a Royal Prison
Is the only one that will be worth remembering of you
Is the only one that will go down in History

For which you paid the prize of your Life, the Supreme Sacrifice
Beneath a Concrete Bridge,
Beneath a mangled Steel Horse
Beneath some mysterious circumstances
Opposite a couple of flash bulbs & lenses... as greedy as ever to make some fast bucks

Virtual Roses to you Diana, in this Cyber Space!
Hope your sons will carry the Torch you died protecting

At least, when you turn 50 in your Grave,
I expect some Brilliant Poem on you, my Lovely Dove Eyed Diana!
Till then, Bye Di, Bye Di! [Say this "Di" in Tamil]
For: Sir. Elton John, [what a waste this title is!] Bye Da, Bye Da!....

see my Photo Poems at www.flickr.com/photos/pasug
see my Video Poems at www.youtube.com/pasug
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