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Google shouldn't show cut meat, dead fish advertisements online to K Pasupathi. Jains, Saiva Vellalar Pillais, Brahmins and most of Indians don't like to see Butchery online.

Dear Google,  Myself and my family and my community are totally vegetarian caste. We don't want to see chicken, mutton, beef advertisements from Google all the times when we see any web pages, YouTube etc. After 20 years stint of serving Indian Air Force military I started eating chicken, mutton, eggs. That doesn't mean I encourage killing, violence, non vegetarian food. Seeing the cut pieces of meat on fresh to home advertisements makes me unhappy. Most of the Indians discourage non vegetarian food and dislike seeing cut meat, dead fish on online advertisements. It hurts to see evolved human beings murdering live animals to eat. Even Biden used "Putin is a Butcher" word. Butchery, cut meat pieces advertisements naturally evoke pity towards unkind humanity. Fact of life. Even in most of Indian meat stalls they show Live Chicken Live Goat Live Fish pictures to attract people. Not the cut meat skin. It impinges on sensibilities of kind indians. Please stop showing cut m

From Mulund to Mayuram

  From Mulund to Mayuram All happy families are happy in the same way. Baby [Saraswathi] Aunty dead, on heart attack, at Mayuram, Tanjore Dt., at her elder daughter’s house. News, on phone yesterday night. From mulund to mayuram it is a 3000kms last journey. She came there to collect the final instalment of the land/house/properties dispute at Dindugal, supposedly 20 lakhs. For this dispute, they spent a lifetime, fighting in courts. I clearly remember Aunty as a stout, short, chiselled woman. Her not-so-fair, broad eyed, always eye browed, slightly pock marked, but elegant face and body glowed with pomp, confidence and arrogance of a richly endowed lady. One can mistake her for Lata Mangeshkar. She was truly frequently mistaken, "Are you Lata Mangeshkar?" during her flights from Bombay to Tamilnadu. Her voice is also typically stilted and coquettish, low pitched as a singer would have it as "Contralto". That voice is because of her Kerala connection, as She was bor

Moscow – Cairo – Muscat Tour [March 28 to April 28] all parts in one blog

Moscow – Cairo – Muscat Tour [March 28 to April 28] On 15 Jan 2007, Pongal Day, MWO Tanti knocked my door. He had a good news. We both are in the Advance Party to Russia Trip. Thanks Pongal - God. 2006 Pongal I got this house. This pongal this. [Eppadimma namma englishu?]   On 19 March, I went to Reliance Infocomm, cut off my post paid temporarily. From 20 March to 28 March, was in New Delhi… doing the special tour works…   28 March 2007 morning we got the GoI letter – which is the authority for everything… from flight ticket [free warrant] to our pay to passport. We got our official passports. In white color. Civilians have blue. No visa required for officials in Russia & Muscat. Egypt visa we got for 3 days.   Reached airport on 28 March early morning 01:30 am. Custom check, immigration done… Aeroflot SU-530 flight. Boeing 767 business class with full reclining seats.. gourmet meals… whiskey, juices, ice creams bouncy all white Russian beauties as hostesses…   Started to video t