Ponniyin Selvan = Subdued Selvan. Subdued Cash Collections. Subdued Box Office. Not Grandiose.

Ponniyin Selvan = Subdued Selvan. 
Subdued Cash Collections. 
Subdued Box Office. 
Not Grandiose. 

Advice to Producer Lyca Subashkaran = 
Make Payment to Rajamouli instead of ManiRatnam to
Show (imagined) Grandeur of Chozha Dynasty. 

Went to see Ponniyin Selvan at Galaxy Theater Katpady Vellore. 
Rs130/- ticket. 

Near Vellore Institute of Technology VIT there is INOX. They ask Rs190 for same movie. 

INOX Mall didn't have Ponniyin Selvan poster. 

I asked them, they said they can't keep the wall poster of Ponniyin Selvan. 

Something fishy. 

So i moved to Galaxy Theater. 
Dolby Atmos. 
Cube Sound. 
Somewhat ok. 
Not the best like PVR Cinemas Katpadi Silkmill Vellore. 

ManiRatnam wanted to show Authentic 800AD to 1100AD.

Movie Making, Movie Watching doesn't believe in Authentic Picturisation. 

Movie Goers love Grandiosity. 

If ManiRatnam believes Authentic Movie can win Audience, why he went to Rajasthan to show Aryan Forts, Citadels? to tell subdued Dravidian Tamil Empiredom? 

Dravidian Tamil Kingdoms were never Grandiose. 

Dravidian Tamil Kings never built big Forts, Palaces, Citadels like Aryans. 

Most of the Dravidian Tamil Rulers lived among the people, lived very down to earth, distributed power & wealth by Panchayati Raj system. 

Whereas Aryan Supremacy even today believes in Centralisation, opulent lifestyle. 

Like EVR Periyar said, Tamils Dravidians lived close to Primate Life, Kattumirandi, Brute Force lifestyle which is totally 180 degrees opposite to Aryan Supremacy lifestyle. 

Devaraalan Aattam and Painted Body Dance of Vandhiyathdevan further fortifies EVR Periyar ultimatum on Tamils = the Blunt Force Kattumirandi koottam. 

Alwarkkadiyan, Vandhiyathdevan both are shown spies, government agents who don't even have proper dress, proper TA DA allowances, proper transportation , proper food. 

ArunMozhiThevan doesn't have proper security. At Sri Lanka he is approached by Five groups of Emissaries who want to HiJack the future Fate, future History of Chozha Dynasty to suit their needs. 

Group1 = Adiththa Karikalan sends Vandhiyathdevan who insists that ArunMozhiThevan remains at Sri Lanka. (Some vested interests of Adiththa Karikalan?) 

Group2 = Kunthavai and Vandhiyathdevan who wants ArunMozhiThevan to come to Tanjore. 

Group3 = Periya PazhuVettaraiyar who wants to Arrest ArunMozhiThevan and kill him or Jail him. 

Group4 = Same Adiththa Karikalan who sends another Emissary Parthibendra Pallavan to get ArunMozhiThevan to Tanjore or Kaanjipuram. 

Group5 = Paandiyan Aabaththu Udhavigal (Bouncers, Body Guards) who want to kill ArunMozhiThevan at Sri Lanka itself. They are paid, helped and supported by Nandhini. 

Out of all these above 5 Groups, only one Group Paandiyan Aabaththu Udhavigal has a Clear Mandate = Kill Chozha Dynasty Son ArunMozhiThevan and try to install Pandiyan Glory Kingdom. 

Rest all three Groups are nonchalant, subdued, vested interests people who are just watching the drama unfold. 

I am astonished why such a Great Chozha Dynasty doesn't have proper Body Guards Bouncers Protectors SPG Special Protection Group, Z+ Security for ArunMozhiThevan! 

Kalki Krishnamoorthy and ManiRatnam shows one Apalai Destitute Oomai Raani Dumb Old Woman and Samuthra Kumari Poonguzhali  the Boat Woman again and again saves  ArunMozhiThevan who is the scion of the Great Chozha Empire. 

This is the Major Weakness of Ponniyin Selvan, a weak, subdued Dravidian Tamil point of view which can never attain the Dreams of Aryan Supremacy. Global Power. One World Government. Centralisation. New World Order. Illuminati. White Supremacy. 007 James Bond, MI6, British, English Vision of the World. 

A Great Power needs Great Protection. SPG. Z+ Security. 

Which Mr. ArunMozhiThevan lacks. 

He is left to God & two Apalai Pengal (Oomai Raani and Boat Woman Samuthra Kumari Poonguzhali) to save him. 

Pathetic scenario. 

My Advice = Tamils Dravidians Indians Aryans all must forget our Bow and Arrow, Sword past. 

Indians must forget Varna System, Caste, Manu Smirthi, Ramayanam, Mahabharatam. 

Indians must see what is happening at Ukrain, Russia, China, Japan, Germany, USA. 

China, USA are better equipped, they have latest weapons. 

Indians must modernise. 

All these Bahubali, PS1, KGF, Vikram cannot keep India in ancient glory. 

Indians need Guns, Machine Guns, AK47, Aircraft, Ships, 
Rafale, SU30,  Missiles, Satellites, Drones, UAVs, Submarines, Aircraft Carriers, Fighter Jets, Attack Helicopters, Nuclear Bomb, Hydrogen Bomb.... All latest state of the Art warfare. 

I am least attracted by PS1 or Bahubali. 

Both are subdued sub standard past glory of India. 

See China, USA, Russia. 

Raise to the highest Military Prowess of Super Powers. 

Then only India can progress. 

Otherwise we are doomed. 
Otherwise India may be colonized again. 

Verdict = Ponniyin Selvan. 
Pauper Selvan. 


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