Vedham Vithai Viththu Vithi Vithyai Vidya

Bageswari Raju 
BK Kana Gopal 

Viththu = seed. 
Any thought is a seed. 
From consciousness all what we see and touch are born. 
A building is first visualised on mind and drawn as a plan on a paper called layout, elevation and finally made as a physical structure entity by working class. 

The Chief Architect Or Sthapathi Or Vishwakarma Or Maayan Mayan Ashuran were all Mind Workers. They visualise many building temple concepts on their mind, draw it on paper, execute it on stone wood metal sand on Earth which lives for 1000s of years. 

That's why four vedhas and bagavat gita insisted on varna system. 

Viththu, Vithi are root words for Vedh Vedham. 

Viththu seed concept conceptualization of mind already explained. 

Vithi means law. If we observe Nature we see so many events happen by Natural Law. 

For example if we care for a Coconut Tree that will give us good produce. 

If we care our sons, daughters they will look after us during our old age. 

These are all Natural Laws. Vithis. 

Thus, Viththu and Vithis are explained in philosophical literature the 4 Vedhas. 

It's needed to educate the evolution of humanity. Otherwise lawless land will destroy culture, state, peaceful society. 

We can boldly conclude four vedhas, Ramayanam, Mahabharatam and so many other books of India were all suggested Law Books, Constitutional scriptures, Dharma Shastrams. 

Without these above Humanity cannot evolve as a Humane Society. 

Bible too is a Law Book. 
Bible gives importance to forgiveness. 
Repentence of Sin.

Viththu, Vithi, Vidhyai, Vedham are all related words. 

Vidya Vidhyai education comes from seed of concepts. Vedham. 

Thus, Vedham is also Vidhyai. 
Kan Kattu Viththai. 

Any Human Being, if he is well versed in Scriptures, he can become a magician. He can create Miracles by reciting Holy Mantrams. Chants. 

This is proved one. 
Saint ThiruGyanaSambandar
Saint ThiruNavukkarasarAppar
Saint SundaraMoorthyNaayanaar
Saint MaanikkaVasagar

Were all able to Cause Miracles
During their lifetime by extreme devotion to God Shiva. 

Arputha Thevara Thiruppathikangal even today creates Magics Miracles if we believe in them, recite them with full devotion. 

Thus, Viththai, Vithya, Viththu, Vithai are all root words for Vedham. 

Without Vedham, Vithai, Viththu, Vithya even the whole universe cannot exist.


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