Va Vaa Vi Vee Vae Vaey Vai Vo Vao Vow Vak the Soul Root of all V words which can call Gods Devatas Aliens Angels to do our work. Give Food Clothes to God who did your work.

Bageswari Raju 
BK Kana Gopal 

Vyaktam and Avyaktam = Bagawat Gita greatly explains all manifest things Vyaktam on Earth which we can touch, see, interact are born from unmanifest things Avyaktam. 

After death all living things on Earth too reaches the Avyaktam Maaya State. 

Thus Vedham Vithai Viththu Vithi Vithyai Vidya Vidhyai all came from one source. 

In fact Bagawat Gita is known as Vedha Saaram. Juice of all four Vedhas are found in condensed form in Bagawat Gita. 

Saaramsam of Four Vedhams is Bagawat Gita.

The Tamil Word 
All are inter related. 

Soul of this word is Va. Vaa. 

From this Root Soul word all other pronunciations are born. 

By knowing, understanding Four Vedhas we can call Devars Gods Angels by Command. 

Vaa Vaa... This is humans calling Extra Terrestrial Angels Aliens Gods by our pronunciation of four Vedhas Mantrams Arputha Thevara Thiruppathikangal. 

We can call the Gods. 
We can Demand and Command the Gods to do our desired work. 

Of course we must satisfy Gods Devatas after they have done our desired work. This satisfaction to Gods Devatas are given by food, yagnya, yagam, Vezhvi etc.

சப்தாகர்ஷிணி மந்திரம்:
ஓம் ரீங் ஆகர்ஷய ஆகர்ஷய
சப்தாகர்ஷணி ஆகர்ஷய ஆகர்ஷய
வா வா ஸ்வாஹா

Va Vaa Vi Vee Vu Voo Ve Vae all these words also linked with A, Aa, e, ee, u, uu, ae, ae, o, ow, ak. 

Means all body words Meyyezhuthu gets Aatma Life from Soul Uyir Ezuthu..... 

You are discussing only Body Words Meyyezhuthu. 

You must also add the Uyirezhuthu Soul Aatma to the body words then only whole concept will be known.


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