God Particle Higgs Boson SN Bose Vezh Velir Vellalar

போசளர் ஹொய்சாளர் ஒய்சாளர் நளன் நளர்‌ திருநள்ளாறு கோவில் சளன் சளர் சாளுக்கியர் அனைவரும் தமிழ் மன்னர்கள் + பிராமணர்கள் (வேள் வேளிர் வேளாளர் வேள்வி செய்த வேளாளர்) என்ற யவனர் ரோமன் கிரேக்கம் பாரசீகம் பார்சி பாரசீக பெர்சிய அரபு வெள்ளை தோல் மனைவிகளை பெற்ற தமிழ் வம்சங்கள். போசளர் தான் இன்று போஸ் சாதியாக வங்காளத்தில் உள்ளனர். கடவுள் துகள் என்ற Higgs Boson Particle தமிழ் போசளர் கண்டுபிடிக்க உதவினார் என்பது அனைத்து இந்தியருக்கும் பெருமை.

You are very wrong. God particle is present in all atoms. It is the building blocks of universe. After finding atom scientists broken the atom to see electron proton neutron. Scientists wanted to know what makes the electron proton neutron. That raw material which makes atom and it's sub particle proton neutron electron is the building block of the universe. Indian scientist SN Bose Satyendra Nath Bose and Einstein's letters and equations like Bose Einstein's equations etc already found out the Boson particle Theoretically on the white paper. Later governments spent a lot of cash to invest in Large Hadron Collider which is a cyclotron to smash atoms and see what the broken pieces of atoms contains. Particle physics. CERN the Central European Research Network and it's underground tunnels helped run the cyclotron. This LHC cyclotron found out quarks anti matter matter 200 sub atomic particles etc. The final God particle the Brahma the smallest piece of universe by which all other visible touchable feelable matter are made is boson. It is weightless because it has no ego. It is God. That's why in Indian philosophy God is always shown as a witness present in all bodies. Metal water fire air animal birds mountains stones sand men women cat dog etc. This God particle as per NPE neutron proton electron numbers also can be explained very simple way. Electron Neutron Proton all sub atomic particles has mass, electric charge, weight. Nucleus, orbital electrons, protons. The nucleus is zero weight in God particle. Means all the 3 attributes of the God particle are zero. 0.0.0. This is the attribute of God.

Zero Spin. Zero colour. Zero charge. Near Zero Weight (Mass). Means if you see a Higgs Boson God Particle it will have a nucleus but no protons (p=0). 
No electrons all 7 orbits of electron tracks are empty. (e=0). 
No mass (n= nearly 0).

This 0.0.0 is the ip address of God. 

Tamil people explained God Particle as Enn Kunaththaan (8 attributes of Shiva) colourless odourless egoless weightless massless like this 8 attributes of Shiva is also given to God particle. 

This God particle can be used to create magic, black magic, destruction, construction, it can be used for positive or negative uses. That's why world nations spent 18 billion dollars to find this particle. 

 Means he is invisible he can't be seen he can't be touched. That God particle is the building block of universe. That God particle is explained by indians as brahma sutra. Brahman. God particle is available in all animate and inanimate things of universe. Bhakta Prahaladha Story explains this. Prahaladha breaks a Pillar and there exists the Nara Simham Avatar of God who killed the agnostic atheistic nasthik Hiranyan the King.

The main advantage of finding God particle through cyclotron is now the Western nations became more powerful with cyclotron LHC which can create quakes storms tornadoes tsunamis. Man acquires God Power by this LHC cyclotron.

Nepal Quake recently was caused by LHC cyclotron. It is a military machine. Too much neutrinos created by LHC cyclotron is zoomed on to mountain lava. Tectonic fissures. Fault lines. This too much neutrino bombing by the LHC cyclotron creates man made quakes tsunamis tornadoes storms by which Humanity particularly western nations can cause economic damage to enemy nations. Enemy nations can be defeated by LHC cyclotron neutrino bombing without evidence. 

West spent billions of rupees to create a military machine. They also found out God Particle.


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