12 Month IVC Harappan Indus Valley Civilisation Indus Valley Script Tamil Calendar

This 12month Indus valley civilisation calendar deciphered through Gond Gondia Gondwana Koya Kui language. 

Each month determined by Full Moon. 
Chitra Paurnami taken as First Month. 

Chithirai 1 means Siddhar + Orai = Siththirai. 

Siththirai also means Full Moon Chitra Paurnami in which Full Moon is at Thula Rashi Libra on Star Chithirai. 

The Siddhar + Orai = Chiththirai Star is also very bright big moon full moon day where Yama Dharma Rajas assistant Chitra Gupthan who keeps record of all Human Beings Sin and Good Deeds (Papam and Punniyam) and this record keeper came from particular caste who were ordered to keep records of produce, records of humans, trees, land, records of domesticated animals at village, records of death and birth at village. These village administative officers caste were known as Karnam Karneegar Karnam Pillai Seer Karneegar Sarattu Karneegar Mudhaliyar etc. 

These record keepers have their own God Chitra Gupthan. There is a separate temple for Chitra Gupthan at Kanchipuram. 

This Chitra Gupthan keeps record of all Karma of each and every human being and also writes "Thalai Ezhuththu" "Fate" of every soul born in this world according to his Karma. 

Chitra Gupthan is assistant / record keeper to Yama Dharma Raja. 

So from Chitra Paurnami Chithirai 1 Indus Valley Calendar IVC Annual Calendar started on Moon based Harappan calendar. 

The pictograph depicting a man with a sharp sword and kedayam explains the Chitra Paurnami Chitra Gupthan month is recorded on potteries, clay objects, to announce start of the Year. 

Calendar keeping is very important for civilisation. 

The person who uses sharp object to write on clay pots, clay objects was called a writer, documenter, recordist caste. The art of writing on Trees, Rocks, Pots, Clay Tablets, Clay Pots, Utensils is called KEERAL Keeruvathu in Tamil and Gond Gondia Gondwana koya kui language. 

Keeral means KIRUKKUVATHU. Scribble. 
The KEERAL KEERAN casts people were usually the upper caste people at Harappa.
Nakkeeran Nandhai Keeran Tamil Paazhi Pali Palli Pallella Pallelar Pallavar Tamil Brahmi Language pot scripts, mountain rock scripts explain about Tamil names NAKKEERAN and Nandhai Keeran. 

Keeran Keeral Keeruvathu means the art of Scribbling on any surface. 

Indians still have the habit of scribbling their names on EverSilver, silver, gold House hold kitchen articles bought at utensils shop by an electric inscriber. 

Inscribing names on any object ensures ownership. Even if it is lost it can be claimed by citing your name. If it is given to neighborhood house you can get it back easily with your identification name on the silver utensil. 

Inscriber caste NAKKEERAN Nandhai Keeran people were separate caste at Harappan IVC times 5000 BC.

In Thiruvilaiyadal Puranam of Shiva, at Madurai this inscriber record keeping caste person argues with Lord Shiva Nakkeeran argues with Lord Shiva about a Tamil Song he wrote for his Bhakta Tharumi who wants to win a prize from King. 

Nakkeeran Minister to Pandiyan King at Madurai informs Lord Shiva "Sangu Aruppathu Engal Kulam, Sanganarkku Yethu Kulam, Sangai Arindhundu Vazhvom, Um Pol Irandhundu Vazhvathu Illai"

Means we Keeran Nakkeeran Nandhai Keeran Keeral Keerum people live by cutting Sea Shells (Shanku) and making it wearable bangles, we inscribe on Shankh, Pots, Potteries, Clay Objects, we are by birth writer, poet, artist, recordist caste. But we never live like you by begging on others. 

Shiva is ridiculed chided by the Pandyan Minister at Madurai for his act of begging bowl as Bikshadanar BikshanDehi because as per Indian Culture the Brahmins Saints Sadhus Rishis Munis Maharishis must live by begging, alms, seeking alms from others. 

This makes Lord Shiva furious. Immediately he shouts, "Keeraney keerpparum, koorum, koorum koorip paarum" and Shiva opens his Third Eye from which rays XRays attack Nakkeeran Minister and he was made ashes. 

After sometime Shiva forgives Minister Nakkeeran and he is come again alive from PotramaraiKulam Golden Lotus Pond at the same Madurai Shivan Temple. 

This the Keeran Keeral Keeruvathu Nakkeeran Nandhai Keeran caste people are writers, inscriber, document makers, VAO, Village Administative Officers, Mudaliyars, Karnam, Karnam Pillai, Ministers. 

The Harappan IVC Annual Tamil Gond Gondia Gondwana koya kui calendar starts with Chitra Paurnami on Chithirai 1 Full Moon day. 

The eight month is indicated by Murukku Murugan Lord Murugan 8 symbol is Murukku Murugiya entangled symbol. 

8 month from April 14 (Chithirai 1) is Full Moon on Karthikai Star. Lord Murugan is called Karthik Karthikeyan. Festivals all over India/World at Lord Murugan Temple. 

9 month is Full Moon at Mirugashreedam Star. It's called Margazhi Month in Tamil. Festival for Lord Shiva at Chidambaram Temple (Thiruvadhiraikku Oru Vaai Kazhi). 

10 month is Full Moon at a Star in Kadaka Rashi Cancer. Moon is at Kadaka Rashi. Pushya Star. It is celebrated as a festival by Tamils as Thai Poosam. Thai 1.

11 month is Full Moon at a Star. Month 11 is shown by mixture of 8 and 3.

8+3 = 11. So they didn't have a symbol for 11th month so they just added symbol for 8 and 3.

12 month is shown by Full Moon at Uththiram Star. Uthram. Moon is at Kanni Rashi Virgo. Sun is at Pisces. 

Thus Harappan IVC Annual Calendar was made by Tamils and Gond Gondia Gondwana Koya Kui people whose language was not Sanskrit. 

But the Sanskrit speaking people Orion Oraiyan Oraiyans Aryans were also returned NRI Tamils + Europeans mix who called themselves Oraiyans Orions Aryans and invaded their own Jambu Dveepam Sambu Theevu ancient Tamils at 1500 BC. 

NRI Tamils + Europeans returned to Asia and made full of Asia = Aariya

Burmah as Brahma Desam. 

From 1500 BC onwards East ward conquering of Nations Empiredom started. 

Tamils + Brahmins started war with Thailand Vietnam Cambodia Sumatra Java Indonesia and made it their vassals. 

Spread Buddhism Shaivism Vishnuism in all of Asia. 


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