Stopped Ajanta Wall Clock & it's repercussions.

Stopped Ajanta Wall Clock & it's repercussions.
2am Raju squirmed in bed.
Clock said 2am. But window twilight said it's 5am.
3 years Raju didn't use the house,
He lived at Mumbai & Panagudi, only to come back and see battery down Scooter, battery down clocks.
One clock had totally corroded battery.
Removing it, resulted in damaged leg seat at the negative side.
Raju applied copper wire at the leg side, fitted Durocell on both the clocks, made it to run, till one year the one damaged clock worked fine.
Again same corrosion, same red square clock Ajanta stopped.
Every house needs minimum 3 wall clocks. Raju believed.
One at Hall, One with alarm &
temparature degree C at the bedroom for weather report,
one at Kitchen for the wife to see.
Raju kept a "Cockarakko" digital clock gifted to most family members by his elder brother from Kuwait, for many long years Raju used to get up on the "Cockarakko" Cock sound during his Air Force days.
The Kuwait Clock also had many other functions like "it's one o clock" "it's twelve o clock" annuciators by a female voice.
Most of the relatives of Raju were gifted by his elder brother the same Kuwait Clock made in China.
Rs.500 it seems, in bulk may go down to Rs.300 per piece.
Memorable gift clock.
Raju decided, yes it's now time to buy a new clock.
Budget minded Raju recollected how he bought the two new Ajanta wall clocks at Orissa, Jharsuguda, while on official tour to Hindalco Aditya Power Plant site.
It's just Rs 180 per piece, decent, square wall clock.
He didn't buy Rs350 or Rs500 ones. No need for much show off.
The temparature degree C one digital wall clock with alarm he bought in Agra Air Force days near the Agra Fort ....a big Mandi.
Mandi means wholesale shops.
KADIO Japan digital clock Rs.350 in year 1999 it was.
Still works well.
21 years very Great Service that wall clock gave.
Just change the batteries.
It has very good chimes too.
Coming back to the stopped Red Wall Clock, Raju searched Amazon, Flipkart.
Ajanta Good Quality Wall Clocks available from Rs.160.
It will take some time to reach.
Buying experience, shopping experience is memorable.
Raju don't want to miss it.
Raju went to Narasingapuram shops, 2 shops....not good model.
Raju went to Thiruvalam Padal Petra Sthalam near his house.
Great Shiva Temple is closed now due to Corona.
Sthala Puranam says Ganesh Ji elder brother of Lord Murugan did a "Thiru Valam" holy round, pradhikshina around his parents Shiva and Parvati to covet the "Gyanap Pazham" the fruit of knowledge.
Lord Murugan second son of Lord Shiva and younger brother of Lord Ganesha lost the game, lost the "Gyanap Pazham" Holy Fruit Holy Mango the fruit of eternal knowledge.
Lord Murugan went around the world to do Pradhikshina on his vehicle of transport, the peacock.
The World is round, Tamils knew it during Avvaiyar, Kachiyappar, Raman, Ravanan days.
Avvaiyar says in her Vinayagar Agaval, a Tamil Mantram for Lord Ganesha......that.....World is Round, "Kuvalayam" the shape of a water pot, Tamil word "Kuvalai" "Kuduvai" means round water pot.
World is Round.
7 Planets and 2 unseen forces.
God Particle found in all animate and inanimate objects.
Most of the today's physics told in Vedas, Upanishads before 7000 years.
Nothing is new.
Planet Hopping, Human Body Hopping, Koodu Vittu Koodu Paithal, Jumping from one human body to another human body or jumping from one human body to an animal body achieved by Tamil Siddhar Thirumoolar.
Atta Maa Siddhis achieved by Tamil Hindu Munivars.
8 types of Miracles they did.
Ravanan did.
Agathiyar did.
Pushpaka Vimana had Mercury Engines.
Tons of Military Grade Mercury found underneath the South America North America Mayan Maayan Pyramids.
All were built by Tamil King Maya Asuran. Maayasuran.
Mayan daughter is Mandothari.
Mayan daughter wife of Ravanan.
Mayan Daughter Mandothari & Ravanan built world's oldest temple at Uththara Kosa Mangai near Rameshwaram.
Uthara Kosa Mangai still has 3000 years old Ilandhai Maram.
A special sweet fruit tree.
Coming back to Thiruvalam, where Lord Murugan missed Holy Mango and Ganesh Ji won Holy Mango by simply coming round the parents, he convinced parents that whole world for Son is father and mother so Lord Ganesh did one single round around parents and won the Holy Mango.
Raju's interpretation is this Holy Mango is ownership of all North India particularly Maharashtra, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Bengal ruled by the Ganesh Ji.
Having lost lands ownership to elder brother, Lord Murugan younger brother second son of Lord Shiva went down south to Palani Hills where he killed Idumban and many other Dalits to create new Tamil Homeland.
So Raju went to this "Thiruvalam" Shiva Temple market where Baga Pirivinai of Ganesh and Murugan happened.
Clock repair shop man told Rs.130 to replace the movement.
The Quartz machine behind the front face.
He couldn't find a suitable match.
Raju went to Ranipet Sipcot, Ranipet Navalpur to buy new clock.
After 6 shops visit,
After seeing so many brands,
Finally bought a Good New Ajanta wall clock at Ranipet Navalpur.
Rs.200 the lady shop owner said.
It's available for Rs160 on Amazon, Raju quipped, bargained a discount.
She finally gave in, Rs.180 with Bill, with free Panasonic battery,
6 months warranty.
On the carton box of Ajanta wall clock the warrant period is one year.
Anyhow, a good buy.
Adding Duracell Rs.24 on back of it, after death of the company given battery makes it more cool. More durable.
May be just Rs.180 deal.
But the experience I got today from morning 10am to 1 pm is memorable.
Memories can't be bought on Amazon or Flipkart.
Om Sivaya Nama.
Hope my small life story amused you.
Till next story, Ciao!.


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