Reminiscing Kargil Vijay Diwas 26 July.

Reminiscing Kargil Vijay Diwas
26 July.
Pasupathi Kumarrappan Pillai the writer of this post, was a Corporal, Engine Technician, Indian Air Force, posted at 3 Base Repair Depot, Chandigarh.
Due to his Advanced Diploma in Computer Hardware Engineering 766578G CPL Pasupathi K Eng Fit was posted at Depot Information Technology Center DITC at 3 BRD, IAF.
6 years Great Memories made at 
Memories with .....
Wing CommanderJ Phillora.
Wing Commander Krishnan 
Wing Commander Sreedhar
Wing Commander Dr.Shailaja Sreedhar MBBS .....

Kargil war started the moment Pasupathi Kumarappan Pillai reached 3 BRD, Air Force Station on 5 May 1999.

It is reported on Newspapers that actual Kargil Occupation was done by some Pakistani Goat Herdsmen on date 5. May. 1999 the day Pasupathi Kumarappan Pillai joined at 3 BRD, Air Force Station, having left 6 years tenure at 44 Squadron Tech Flight, 4 Wing Air Force Station Agra.

As it was TOP SECRET, nobody knew some Pakistani infiltrators occupied Tiger Hill, Kargil on 5 May 1999 itself.

India came to know it very later.

Pasupathi and his colleague Corporal Wakhare Eng Fit together took a 12 Tonner Eicher Truck to take all their house articles to 3 BRD Chandigarh.

Corporal Wakhare posted to 44 Squadron Air Force Daily Servicing Section DSS.

Corporal Pasupathi posted to 3BRD IAF Chandigarh.

Both are nearby.

Pasupathi took all house items in that Eicher Truck, uploading downloading of house articles help done by Air Force friends at both Agra and Chandigarh.

Pasupathi drank Beer, Whiskey mixed cocktail along with Eicher Truck Driver on Road from Agra to Chandigarh.

Those days only Rs.8000 for return Truck from Panjab released by Corporal Murali who came in the same Truck from 44 Squadron Air Force Station Chandigarh.

Rs.8000 divided by 2. Only Rs.4000 spent per Air Man.

But at Accounts Section these two Air Men can give original Lorry Truck Way Bills for Rs.18000 each for 600 kms journey from Agra to Chandigarh. (Distance from house to house).

Some savings, some Gold Purchase for wife!!!!!! Done

5 May 1999 was a Wednesday.
Wednesday is very LUCKY for Pasupathi because his 7th house is Mithunam, has Budhan Aatchi, and his Budhan Mercury Planet is Exalted, Moola Thirikonam, Aatchi on Hastham 3 star at Kanni Rashi, being at 10th house, the house of Job, Work, Office.

Corporal Pasupathi joined Indian Air Force in a single dream to become Officer, atleast a Wing Commander.

Corporal Pasupathi was son of Army Naib Subedar Kumarappan Pillai of Armed Medical Corps.

Corporal Pasupathi always remembered his father's stories of 3 Wars ....2 with Pakistan, 1 with China.....1948....1962.....1971....
Naib Subedar Kumarappan Pillai used to tell lot of HORROR BRAVERY stories of War at Indian Borders in which he participated as Armed Medical Corps (AMC) Soldier.

Naib Subedar Kumarappan Pillai actually stoked a desire to join Indian Armed Forces in his Son.

He wanted to make his Son or Daughter a Armed Medical Corps Doctor, MBBS Doctor.

He used to say, "Son, study well, you have ex servicemen ward quota, if you score high marks, you can study at Armed Forces Medical College Pune".

Pasupathi didn't study well.

Got 360/500 marks in SSLC.

Joined Diploma Mechanical Engineering DME at Arulmigu Palaniandavar Polytechnic Palani.
Got 78% in DME.

Pasupathi wanted to fulfil Dream of his father.
His only Dream, Aim was to become OFFICER in Indian Armed Forces. Either Army, Air Force or Navy.
Due to his fewer marks, DME now only course left is applying for Airmen or Soldier or Naval Service.
Pasupathi got selected as Airman, Engine Fitter, the IAF Selection Telegram came in 7 October 1991, Pasupathi date of birth.
On 6 October 1971 Pasupathi also got selection letter from Advanced Diploma Course and Job at National Foundry and Forge Institute Ranchi. NIFFT Ranchi.
Some Tamil Senior Men at NIFFT Ranchi wrote to Pasupathi, that NIFFT course is best, job guaranteed, many get jobs abroad, many are well settled. 
But IAF Dream is Great.
Telegram arrived at his Date of Birth....also sentimental feelings towards taking decision to join IAF.

Many suggested to join IAF not NIFFT.

Pasupathi always takes action after lot of thoughts, he took advice from following people.....

1. Tuticorin Government Polytechnic Principal, met at his Office, with appointment, the Polytechnic Campus is very near to Pasupathi house at Tuticorin. 

2. Retired Indian Air Force Sergeant xxxxxxx Pillai who is relative of K Pasupathi, he was Radio Technician at IAF, joined Tuticorin Customs Service as Inspector, built a BIG Bangalow at Tuticorin Sankar Colony near Pasupathi house.
As a Customs Officer he earns a lot of lumpsum in Black and White.
His only words are "Pasupathi you have been selected as Engine Fitter Group 1 Job. It's a Great Job there. You will get lot of Good Salary, Perks, you can give Ground Run to Aeroplanes. You can become Commanding Officer of Air Force Station if you pass SSB. You can become Flight Engineer, you can visit many foreign countries".

One of his Entry Mate & Close Friend ATT 13/171 Sergeant Sreedhar Reddy became Flight Engineer, died at an Air Crash near Jalahalli Air Force Station Bangalore during his training as Helicopter Flight Engineer.

Sergeant Sreedhar Reddy left his wife and only daughter.

3. Advice from Retired Indian Air Force Sergeant who worked at SPIC Southern Petro Chemical Industries Corporation as Engineer on Contract Basis.

All of them favoured IAF and told Pasupathi to avoid NIFFT Ranchi.

Finally Pasupathi joined IAF Tambaram on 6 November 1991.

Coming back to Kargil Days.

From 5 May 1999 Good Happy Working Hours in Air Conditioned Office at Depot Information Technology Center DITC 3 BRD Air Force Station Chandigarh.

Many of K Pasupathi collegues who worked as Engine Fitters at 44 Squadron Air Force Station Chandigarh or Engine Repair Section ERS 3 BRD Chandigarh were very jealous of K Pasupathi.

This Pasupathi enjoying AC at office, sits in revolving chair, talks always about Computer.

But other Engine Fitters were always on aeroplane with Grease, Oil, ATF on their overall apron.

This Pasupathi started a website called in September 1999.

This Pasupathi in 1997 had 
purchased his own Desktop Computer 200 MHz Pentium 1 with 2 GB Ram, 32 GB Hard Disk, Tomato Motherboard, LG CD ROM, LG CRT Monitor 14 inch, Windows 95 with DOS Machine, TVS Gold Keyboard, UPS 600 VA by Copper Connections (UPS 23 years NO FAULT still working fine....Desktop Computer upgraded to 3Ghz, 500MB Harddisk, 4GB Ram, Samsung 19 inch LED Monitor now & a bought a Laptop Lenovo 1 Tera Byte Hard Disk for daughter in year 2015 too......)

This Pasupathi had bought Hero Honda CD100 SS without Loan at IAF Agra, with help from his Army Father. 

This Pasupathi bought 5 cent 2500 square feet plot at Tuticorin Postal and Telegraph Colony near his house Sankar Colony as a Corporal at 44 Squadron Tech Flight 4 Wing Agra.

This Pasupathi now enjoys AC Office!
Revolving Chair!
Finished AMIE Mechanical Engineering within 6 years.
Finished Section A at Air Force Station Agra.
Finished Section B at Air Force Station Chandigarh.
1999 October Pasupathi got FULL PASS with 58% in AMIE Mechanical Engineering.....
Lot of Jealousy.
Lot of Rumours.
Lot of mudslinging.
To make Pasupathi feel bad of himself.
To make Pasupathi a laughing stock.
Pasupathi tried for SSB Staff Selection Board to become IAF the Engineering Branch.
3 times SSB.
All 3 times SSB failed.
It was real tough to get a life of your dreams.
Pasupathi always wanted to become an OFFICER atleast a Wing Commander at IAF.
3 times failure at SSB Varanasi, SSB Dehradun, SSB Mysore did very much demoralise Pasupathi.
Coming back to Kargil Days.
Those days Kargil Augmentation Forces were made.
Many Volunteers went from 3BRD and 44 Squadron Air Force Station Chandigarh.
They all gained extra medal, extra pay, extra pension also.
Pasupathi was at Air Conditioned Office.
May be GOD thought, his father Kumarappan Pillai fought 3 Wars the AMC. Army Medical Corps. 
His father suffered a lot for India.
His father got so many Glorious Military Medals.
Let us make his son enjoy AC office.
So Pasupathi work was just to send some TOP SECRET files on DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation) computer on 56kbps, 112kps slow broadband lines with telephone connection with Head Quarters Maintenance Command HQMC Nagpur.
TOP SECRET information are encrypted in a Hardware add on card, fitted on the motherboard, issued by DRDO. 
People who work at DITC 3 BRD always checked for antecedents by Air Force Liasion Units, Intelligence Forces, Police.
Annual Intelligence Report, Annual Police Verification sent to Air Head Quarters New Delhi.
We have to fill our full permanent house address, relatives who are in foreign countries, their address, their salary details, 
Father's work, address, salary 
Mother's work, address, salary 
Blood relations work, address, salary etc.
All these information are collated and sent to HQMC Nagpur and also to Air Head Quarters New Delhi for scrutiny.
People with bad antecedents were never allowed to continue in TOP SECRET jobs at Air Force.
Coming back to Kargil Days.
Everyday Corporal K Pasupathi duty was to transmit data on DRDO Computer in encrypted codes on slow internet connection with Head Quarters Maintenance Command Nagpur.

3am duty. 
Corporal Pasupathi wife Muthu Lakshmi dutifully got up at 2.30am to give Tea & Dhalia Uppuma for husband everyday without fail.

Everyday 3 am we have to transmit Air Status (number of aircrafts on ground, AOG status, serviceable aircraft status, aviation turbine fuel status, arms and ammunition status, ration of food, milk, meat available at all Air Force Mess to feed Soldiers Air Warriors, Ration Stores being sent to Leh Ladakh Siachen Glacier by Ilyushin 76 IL76 aeroplane from 44 Squadron Air Force Station Chandigarh to Leh Air Base,  number of engines on overhaul at 3BRD, number of new engines available, number of aviation turbine fuel ATF bowsers available for dispensing ATF to Air Force aeroplanes, number of Airmen/Officers available, number of Airmen/Officers on leave, so much data we have to send by encrypted ZIP or TAR files on the DRDO Computer).
So during Kargil Days Pasupathi used to set alarm at 2.30am.
Take bike Hero Honda CD100 SS to 3BRD Air Force Station Chandigarh just 8 kms from his Mohali 11 Phase rented house.
Due to sleepy eyes, one day Pasupathi dashed with a Bainz (Buffalo) which were walking a lot on the road from Mohali 11 Phase to Air Force Station Chandigarh.
That is the Kargil Days War Injury Pasupathi got while delivering his duty during Kargil War.
Slightly bruised arms.
Went to Station Medical Center SMC at Air Force Station Chandigarh to treat for the slight bruise on hand due dash off on Punjab Buffalo and dive off from Honda Bike on Mohali Punjab Mitti.

Many fellow Airmen opted for Kargil Augmentation Duty.
Means willingness to go to Kargil, Leh, Ladakh to join war with Indian Army or support them from Air Base.
Many Airmen joined Garuda Commando Force also.
Extra Medal, Extra Pay, Extra Pension.
They told Pasupathi lot of HORROR BRAVERY stories from the Leh Ladakh Kargil region.
It was a huge relief after the Kargil Vijay Diwas.
India took back lost lands.
India took back Tiger Hill.
India won.
Pasupathi too won, he retired gloriously from IAF and joined as Assistant Engineer Grade 2 at BHEL Ranipet.
Reminiscence of Kargil Vijay Diwas Shubham.
Jai Hind.
766578 G Ex Sergeant K Pasupathi
ENG FIT 44 Squadron Air Force Station Agra Nagpur & Chandigarh.
Now Assistant Engineer Grade 1 at Commercial Department BHEL Ranipet.
Kargil Days Martyr Muthu Lakshmi is dead now.
Pasupathi is Happily married with Manisha Indian Railways Reservation Clerk at Mumbai.
Any queries welcome to call this Airman at 8825491319.


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