Want ONE SIM ONE INTERNET ONE IP ADDRESS OBCD TV immediately. 10 inch AMOLED 8K On Bed Communication Device Smart TV for Bed Time Sexy Naked Video Chats with my Love Women.

Want Universal Communication Device UCD.
Many Men, Women most humanity are always online, particularly on the BED, while laying down, relaxed way many Men Women watch Mobile, talk, chat on video call, does live online. Thus ON BED Communication Device is not available on market today. Other than Mobile Phone, we need to get up and stare at Smart Android TV or Apple TV+ to do sexy video chat with 1000s of users. I want Google Apple to introduce ON BED Communication Device OBCD immediately. It must be a Universal Communication Device seamlessly connected with your smart MOBILE and smart TV so that where you LEFT ON the same page to continue ON BED too. ONE SIM ONE INTERNET ONE IP ADDRESS for ONE HUMAN BEING. When i switch on TV i start with Facebook or Twitter or WhatsApp or YouTube or my favourite TV Channel. When i see my Mobile i continue the same page where i left my TV. When i go to BED the ON BED Communication Device OBCD screen size 10 inch shows me the same Facebook WhatsApp Messenger Twitter Chrome YouTube or TV channel where i left the Smart TV on my sofa set. This NON STOP chain of ONE SIM ONE INTERNET ONE IP ADDRESS linked electronic devices make my Home more Happy more Cosy. Hope to INSTALL this OBCD 10 inch screen on a Metal Clamp like a Spring Lamp on right side of my BED. It's OFF when i am on Sofa Set. It's on when i recline on my BED. It has a small LED bulb also to flash me on my face for LIVE Sexy Video chats. When i go to sleep, this 10 inch AMOLED 8K OBCD TV goes to sleep with me. May be it plays a melody to make me sleep. May be it wakes me up at ALARM. May be it sends Medical Report to my Doctor Too. Want this ONE SIM ONE INTERNET ONE IP ADDRESS OBCD immediately. Thanks.


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