Dogs and Men Veera Bhadrar Veera Puthrars Bhairavars Kaaval Deivam

The dogs are known as "Kaaval Deivam" in Indian Hindu Polytheism Gods. Security Guards Law Enforcement Authorities use Dog for theft detection, crime scene investigation. Kings to common man used Dogs in Vettai help find new preys or follow trail of preys. Thus along with men the dogs are immortalised in bas reliefs of Temples all over India. The dog man Gods are called Bhairavars Bhairava Veera Bhairava Veera Bhadrar worship. Bhairavars are sons of Shiva means all sons of the King Pharoh Ramesses mispelled French word for Tamil Parameshwaran parameshwara. Kings usually had 100s of Wives at Harem Andhappuram Agraharams Harems where Kings had Free Sex with 100s if wives from all over world with different nationalities ethnics. These 100 wives gave 1000s of same Pharoh Ramesses sons or Sivan sons who displayed same father warrior capabilities on the war front. Kshatriyars preferred to marry enemy kings wives so that same class of work style may create better warriors. The same work man woman preference became Casteism. Tamils still believe DNA carries work knowledge trade secrets thats why we see world best businessmen are from Marwari Marwadi Caste Anil Ambani Mukesh Ambani Adani Mittal etc. Warriors preferred to marry with warriors Royals preferred to marry with Royals. Some exceptions always allowed. Musicians Artisans Smiths married with same caste this allowed trade secrets knowledge of trade to flourish gain not loosen. Even today we can see more successful writers poets come from particular caste people.


Man & Dog Plaque, Sippar

This clay plaque depicts a striding man who leads a large dog (domestic scene?). From Sippar (modern-day Tell Abu Hubba, Babel Governorate, Iraq), Mesopotamia. Old-Babylonian period, 2000-1600 BCE. (The British Museum, London).


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