Samadhi Worship is Sanatana Dharma Samadhi Worship became Kula Deivam Kovil and later Temples

<3 Valley of the Kings <3
KV1 - Tomb of Ramesses VII
KV2 - Tomb of Ramses IV
KV3 - Grave of a son of Ramesses III
KV4 - Tomb of Ramesses XI
KV5 - Tomb of children of Ramesses II
KV6 - Tomb of Ramses IX
KV7 - Tomb of Ramses II
KV8 - Tomb of Merenptah
KV9 - Tomb of Ramesses V and Ramesses VI
KV10 - Tomb Amenmes
KV11 - Tomb of Ramses III
KV12 - Owner unknown
KV13 - Tomb Bay then Amonherkhepshef and Montouherkhepshef
KV14 - Tomb Taousert and Sethnakht
KV15 - The Tomb of Seti II
KV16 - Tomb of Ramses I
KV17 - The Tomb of Seti I
KV18 - The Tomb of Ramesses X
KV19 - Tomb Montouherkhepshef and perhaps Ramses VIII
KV20 - The Tomb of Tuthmosis I and Hatshepsut
KV32 - The Tomb of TIAA I ( Wife of Amenhotep II)
KV34 - The Tomb of Thutmose III
KV35 - Tomb of Amenhotep II
KV36 - Tomb Maiherpri (Noble )
KV38 - The Tomb of Thutmose I
KV39 - Tomb of Amenhotep I
KV41 - Tomb Tétishery (?)
KV42 - Tomb Meritre - Hatshepsut ( Wife of Thutmose III
KV43 - The Tomb of Thutmose IV
KV45 - Tomb Userhat (Noble )
KV46 - tomb of Yuya and Tuya (or Tyouyou ) parents Queen Tiye I
KV47 - Tomb Siptah
KV48 - Tomb Amenemopet ( Vizier Amenhotep II)
KV55 - The Tomb of Tiy and I stash Semenkhkarê / Amenhotep IV (? ) (?)
KV57 - Tomb of Horemheb
KV60 - Tomb Satre ( Nurse Hatshepsut )
KV62 - The Tomb of Tutankhamun

The missing numbers are graves with unknown owners ----------- >

WV22 - Tomb of Amenhotep III
WV23 - Tomb of Ay II


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