Kushanars Shanars Nadars Kulam might have descended from Nubians Egyptians Tamils Kushanars Kusan Lavan iRaman sons Velir Idaiyar Yadavar Ahir Aayar Konar Kulam thus Kushanars Kusan Maganhal Nadars also iRaman sons.

Kushanars might have descended from Lavan Kusan twin sons of iRaman the Kushanars issued Tamil God Murugan Vezh Velir gold coins.

The same Tamil Egyptian Nubian Kushanars Kingdom defeated by other Tamil Kulam people probably south Indian Tamils and made as Shanars Nadars Kulam. Many of these Shanars Kushanars went to China to make new Kingdoms.

 Lava ruled lahoor Pakistan which in Konar Yadavar Jadavar Idaiyars Ahirs Aayars Tamil called as Lavan Oor. Uri district of Kashmir related to Tamil name Oor. Tamil Oor became Oori.

 (Kachiyappar Sivachariyar Oor Kashyabar Oor Kashyabar Ooraham Kashyabar Ameeraham Kashmeeraham Cashmere Kashyaba Kashyap Gotram Kulam Caste Brahmins of North South India)

The word Kusa (one of twins Lavan kusan) son of iRaman a Tamil Velir Yadavar King reflects Kushiites. Kushanars Kingdom is also related to Kushiites. Shanars Nadars might be from Kushanars Kingdom people.

Clyde Winters Sir confirms=
The Tamil was just another Kushite tribe. Egypt was a Pan_african Republic or Confederation. It was made up of numerous African Tribes.


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