Indus Valley Language was ancient Gond Gondi Gondia Gondwana Koya Kui Koyambedu Coimbatore Koyyapazham Goa Guava Konkan People language. Sumeriya Eeran Eeraq Ur Uruk Sippar Nippur Elam Eridu Yeridu Akkadu NRI Tamils joined with Brahmins at Sumeriya and came back to India in 2000 BC & Killed Gond people at Indus Valley.

Keeran Nakkeeran is a famous name in Tamil attested in Indus Valley Seals.
Keeral means to inscribe write Mark.
Keeran Nakkeeran means Good inscriber.

Nakkeeran Nandhai Keeran. கீறும் கீறும் கீறிப்பாரும்....நக்கீரன்....நந்தை கீரன்...
சைவ வேளாள முதலியார்....
தமிழ் கோண்ட் சிந்து தமிழ்....
சங்கறுப்பது எங்கள் குலம் ...
சங்கனார்க்கு ஏது குலம்?....

Keeral is correct. Keeral means to inscribe.
Keeran Nakkeeran Nandhai Keeran all writer Kulam (Mudaliyar Pillaimar)

Keera Kira means to scratch on anything. Scratching on Pot Pottery created language. Scratching on vessels made identity and to avoid theft. Even today silver vessels are scratched with electric name engravers. 
Keeral Kiral people became a separate caste in Tamilnadu as Keeran Nakkeeran Nandhai Keeran Endhai Keeran.

Paatal is even today in Tamil Padal Paadal means Tamil songs. Paattu means Song.

"Aar" vihuthi endings always denote respect for the others because he has Aayudham Vel Spear Danda + Knife Sharp Weapon on top becomes Spear. Thats why Velayudhan Velayudham means Lord Murugan son of Shivan Siva Sivan God who was Tamil God.

Kolal means Kol + Aal (Dhanda + Aayudha + Paani in Sanskrit Dandayudhapani Murugan Tamil God name) Kol Aal means man with a stick in Tamil also. These people are from ancient Tamil Kshatriyars Caste especially Kallar Maravar Agamudaiyar Devar Kulam who were basically Security Guards of Lands Rice Fields Gold Mines Silver Mines Houses etc. Later from this Caste only Kings were made.

Erkotting in Tamil also Koattai ....Means Quintal of Food. Rice Fields. Oru Koattai Vidaippadu (1 Quintal ) Nooru Koattai Vidaippadu (100 qunitals rice producing fields)


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