Sankaracharyas Adi Sankarar Flag Staff Big Eyes found in Sumeria Subha Aariya also.

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Pasupathi K Pillai

Just watch the photos beneath this blog.

Flag Staff of Adi Sankara.
Big Eyes of Adi Sankara.
Kudumi of Adi Sankara.
Yaazh Paanars always walked along with Tamil Aariyars.
Tamil Aariyars along with Vezhir Vellalaer Kings we ruled Sumeria Subha Aariya.
Yaazh Paanars are isai vellalaers

Isai vellalers & Brahmins relationship also goes back to 10000 years.

Tamil Brahmins + Vellalaer Kings Vezhirs relationship also goes back 10000 years.


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