NakKeeran Keeral Keeruvadhu Indus Valley Script decipherment

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Date: 27-Apr-2015 10:56 AM
Subject: NakKeeran Keeral Keeruvadhu Indus Valley Script decipherment

As I said already Chithirai 1 was the new year calendar followed by Indus valley Gond Gondi Gounder Gound Koya Koyambatore Koyambedu Nova Goa people.
Low castes.
The Indus Valley Low Caste black Dravidian Gond Gaud Gawda Gounder Goud people also followed th Upper Caste Aariya Yeria Yer uzhavar Vellalar the returning NRI Agathiya Pulathiya Saiva Vellala Andhanars who got married with European brahmanals & returned due to age....war...lost real estates....lands....lost kingdoms of Sumerian subha aariya.
Thus siva is always considered an aariyan god.
Siva is vettaikkatan.
Orion galaxy.
Vellalars are denoted by Bellatrix star on the left shoulder of the vettaikkaran Orion Aariyan galaxy.
Betelgeuse is the right shoulder of the Orion Aariyan Aerian Yerian Vellala Galaxy.
Betelgeuse is the birth star of Great God Shiva.
Thiru Ardra star.
Thiruaadhirai nakshatram.
Sex power high.
Kama ichai migunthavargal.
Thiruaadhirai Sivan birth star.
Sivan was a Tamil + Indus valley Gond people King.
Sivan was a Black Tamil King.
Vayyathul Vaazhvaangu Vaazhbavar Vaan Uraiyum Deivathul Vaikkappadum
Valluvan vaakku.
Means Kings become Gods.
Sex symbol is lingam yoni.
Thus from Subha Aariyan
Ur Uruk Eeran Eelam Eeraq Nippur sippar ELGI sulgi embaragesi (Parakesi chozhan vellala king name Parattai Thalai Kesam udaiya Rasa) times....
The Tammuz Thimil Thimilar Thimirar Thimirndha Thimiludaiya Thamilars ruled subha aariyam sumeriyam.
They saw beautiful brahmana damsels had immense sex with them ...made Chandala Vellala Chandela Vellala Chandalar Kingdom Khajuraho to indicate moksham through Sex route.
Osho says moksham through sex.
Many saiva linga yoni Hinduism favours reaching God via sex.
Or reaching God without sex also.
But those who tried reaching God with Celibacy got death quick due to heart attacks.
Swamy Vivekananda.
Swamy Paramahamsa Yogananda.
Quick heart ache deaths.
Due to not accepting Natures call.
To procreate.
Piravip Pini.
You have to reproduce.
You can not withhold Semen for long & do Kundalaini & raise the snake to Forehead & attain Mukthi forever.
You have to spend semen.
I will come to the Topic Keeran.
Keeran = Recordist.
Keeran = Documenter.
Keeran = Scriber. Scribe. Inscriber of Seals. Scriber of Indus Seals Subha Aariyan Seals. Mudra's.
Nak Keeran means Good Great Scriber.
NakKeeran was 500% saiva vellala andhanar Mudaliyar lived at Madurai.
Questioned Great God Shiva.
Thiruviladayar Puranam says it.
Madurai Meenakshi Amman Kovil Potramaraik Kulam.
Nakkeeranar Vs. Shivan court case.
Shiva lost the case.
Got so furious.
Opened his 3rd eye.
Made NakKeeran saambal.
Netrikkan Thirappinum Kutaram Kutramey.
Nakkeeran said.
However High you may be, But still your song has mistake you are Wrong Mr.God Shiva, he said.
Mostly you can see Pillaivazhs Mudaliyars are good at Law.
Employed in Legal professions.
Registrar offices.
Pathira eluthalargal.
Document Writers.
Librarians.(Vaithi mama to note)
Thus the NakKeeran name did not simply emerge.
The Nakkeranar name came from Sumeriya Subha Aariya to Indus valley to Gujarat to Maharashtra to Tamilnadu.
EndhaiKeeran (The Hindu paper report on Clay Pottery Seal found at Oman has Endhai Keeran letters)
EndhaiKeeran means My Dad Keeran.
Are all properties of Saiva Vellala Andhanars Mudaliyars Pillaimars characters.
They keep on writing something.
They make light on Society.
They record.
No wonder the Keeran caste people take Chitra Gupthan as their God.
Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was a Kayastha.
Saiva Vellala Andhanar.
Chitra Gupthan festival is a old tamil custom followed from Indus Valley Subha Aariyam Sumeriyam times.
Chitra Paurnami also comes in Chithirai masam.
Chithiral itself shows Chitram.
Grave = Samadhi = In Graves early Tamils recorded his stories.
That became Histories.
His Stories became Histories.
Varaipadamai Varaindha Aarai Vellamai viriyum Varalaru.
Vara Vara Aaru.
Varai Kalai.
Thus the Chitra Paurnami is not so simple day.
Chitra Paurnami is so special day.
Celestial Event.
Chithirai 1 is Tamil new year from subha aariyan times.
Tamila new aariyan.
Esp. Pillai Mudali Chetti these people are Aariyars.
The Indus valley calendar 7000 years ago starts with Chitra Paurnami in Chithirai Masam.
Why DMK DK people should change this?
Aariya Calendar is Good.
60 years cycle is Good.
Holy Maths Thirukkanidha Jadhagams are Good.
May not be perfect.
But close to Truth.
Keerai is a Chedi.
So many Keerais we eat.
Keerai looks like cuneiform letters.
We Tamils were the initial starters of Language Writing Culture along with White People of Europe ....
All this happened at
We Tamils made our own castes as lower.
We needed helpers.
We needed labours.
We needed bonded labours.
So we employed our own men kr enemy nation people as our field helps.
Paazhi Pallava Baali MahaBali Palli vanniyar people also our own Tamils
But we the Vellalars killed them.
Took their lands at Thirukkoviloor.
Mahabali sent to Patala Loga.
Baali islands.
Along with Brahmanals we the Aariya Yeria Yer Uzhavar Kayastha Vellalaer writers Authors scribers people Succumbed Mahabalipuram King Paazhi language people Paazhi samanars Paazhi Paazhpaduthum Paazhpaduthiya Pali language Jains casteless creedless people ....we sent them to Baali island.
Patala Logam means extradited.
Sent out.
So Pallava Palli Vanniyar people are our own.
We are friends.
Same Tamils.
But Ego issue.
Vellalers Maravars even fight with own brothers for Ego wealth.
Why not with Paazhi Paali Asokans?
Asokan was a Paazhi King.
Maharaja Samrat Asokan was a Great Palli Vanniyar Raja.
But Vellalaers + Mudaliyars dont like to accept Asoka.
Thus the internal caste problems of Tamils is actually a HRD.
Human Resource Development.
Caste is actually HRD.
We create Rajas in all castes.
We create new Kingdoms.
We train more Rajas.
I rest my case with crux of the matter.
Gist of the matter.
That Keeran Keeral Keerai NakKeera People are aariyars.
Nakkeeran is a Kayastha.
NakKeeran is from Chitra Guptan recorder of Papams Punyams near Shivas God Land.
As per our Papa or Punyam the Scriber Recordist recommends where to send the Reaped Soul - to heaven means the soul is born as Rich mans son daughter and enjoys rich fun filled luxurious life.
To hell means the soul takes another yoni as slave person born at slum area son of rickshaw puller ...son of low class workers and go through bad life.

Nak Keeran
Nak Kundi
Are all aariyar tamil aariyar names.
Can not be named for kuppans suppans muniyandis maayandi peykkaman virumaandi etc.
Thus names of persons in Tamil Koya Goa Gondi Gounda Gouda Gawda culture reflects job done.
Karma done.
Not so simple names.
Lot of meaning.
Lot of Karuthaazham Mikka names.
Tamils should safeguard Tamil.
Also we should appreciate Sanskrit.


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