I like your Blogs.

Dear Sir,

I like your blogs. Just like Jeyakanthan is famous Tamil writer Hero,
you are also next emerging Great vellala pillai after Jeyakanthan.

Please see some of my blogs at www.pasug.blogspot.com where i researched & found that
Aariyars are actual Tamil Velirs, Vellalars, Kings, who ruled Sumeria Subha Aariya and came back
with Brahmmanals, Brahmins, gave them equal status as Gods in our Siva Brahma Vishnoo trinity.

  • I have successfully PROVED that ORION galaxy is actually Aariyan Galaxy.
  • Aariyan = Yerian = Yer Uzhavar = Vezhvi seydha Velirs Vellalars are the 3 Kings of Tamilnadu and
  • also the Sulukiya, Chalukiya, Asoka Mahabharata people even Paanini are also ancient Tamil
  • Vellalars.
  • I have SUCCESSFULLY PROVED that Indus Valley Tamil Calendar starts on CHITHIRAI 1
  • I have SUCESSFULLY PROVED that ARIES in Astrology is actually ARIAN AARIYAN YERIAN YER
  • UZHAVAR Vellalar Velir God Lord Murugan, Lord Karthikeyan......
  • ARDHRA star, Thiruaadhirai Star is for Lord Shiva, near Aariyan Yerian Aries - Mithuna Rashi - actually it is in ORION Galaxy - which is also AARIYAN SIVAN related galaxy
  • Pasamam Patraruthu Paarikkum Aariyaney - Sivan is called many times as Aariyan
  • Tamilan Basic is Sivan, Murugan, Aariyam
  • Tamilan Basic is not Dravidian.
  •  NRI Tamil Aariyars returned from Eeran Eeraq due to Ashuras of Assyria, Asura Naadu were raising and KALI KALAM started. So Sage Agasthiya and 18 Velirs came back from Europe and then again from Ganges to South India.
  • Tamil Aariyars are the earliest colonisers of the world, with Dharma.
  • Tamil Aariyars returned and met with Indus Valley Black Tamils, who were then made DALITs
  • Tamil Aariyars are NRI Tamils.

We Tamil Velirs met with Fair Colour Brahmmanals at Persia Eeran Eeraq Ur Nippur Sippar Uruk
Sulgi Elgi Tammuz Thimil Ashura Assyria Ashur Banipal are all related LIFE of Tamils in Eeran

Even the old Tamil yechangal are found in Islam as Shia muslims are Shiva muslims.

Kindly read the FULL TEXT that i have sent you as doc file. Kindly reply. Thanks.


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