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Kaala my Review 2.5/5 Slow Flop Movie

Reached Kaala Movie Theater will see this Movie Today (took leave)
 Now interval movie very slow like a documentary. BGM is pathetic. Not a block buster. 3/5 only. Not the usual fast Rajni film.
 Not so Ok. Totally slow documentary. 2.5/5 only. Songs not Good. BGM also slow even in Romance scenes. Romance times also BGM very bad vocal sound "Na Na Na Na" all over Romance scenes not Good Music or Melody.
Not even 1 song memorable or singable.
 May become a Flop. Climax scene Ok. No Rajni Majic.  No Rajni Mass.
 First scene Rajni bold out in Dharavi Cricket. Most of movie too he is Bold Out. 
Only saw movie for Rajni. Direction/Music/Heroine all low marks. Dissatisfied.
 I read 4 reviews all said Good 3 to 3.75 / 5. Whatever the movie for Rajnikanth i went. So it doesn't meet Rajni standards which is fast & Magic.
Just shared my view
One fight scene was Good
Never regret leave or expense. Will write to Rajni not to accept this Director again.
Its all learning process in life.
We …